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Summer Events 2024

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World Circle Dance Day
Sunday July 7, 2024
The 6th annual World Sacred Circle Dance Day is being celebrated all over the planet!

We'll have a full list of who is celebrating where and see the Facebook page after for photos from all around the world 
Noyes School of Rhythm
July 1 - July 8
Kaeza Fearn will be the pianist bringing live music to the Noyes School of Rhythm, a movement system that brings ease and strength to your body, while opening you up to great creativity in art and life. The work combines a system of physical techniques and improvisatory explorations, encouraging subtle internal awareness, all supported by live music.
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Ferry Beach Sacred Circle Dance Camp
Aug 18 - 23
Enjoy a five-night retreat into the special energies of Sacred Circle Dance with ample opportunities for down time, swimming, or exploring the beautiful coast of southern Maine. Coordinators Ron Willett and Kaeza Fearn are developing a schedule to mix dance sessions with free time.  Additional dance facilitators will be Evi Beck, Bobbi Bailin and Judith Walton.  
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