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Sussex Carol (arr.) SAB


Wechsel (text by Heinrich Heine) bari-tenor, piano

Voice Still and Small (John Corrado, arr.) SAB


Hang On: Life's Callin' SATB, mezzo-soprano solo and piano for South Hadley Chorale

A Life for Two Plus soprano, piano



My Country 'Tis of Thee (words Samuel Franicis Smith, music originally arranged by Thomas Arne, arr.) baritone, piano

Arthur's Self-Assessment soprano, piano

When Sea Meets Soil soprano, piano


A Week in the Life of a Toy Piano toy piano

At the Guest House soprano, piano

Where Earth Sings short film score, voice, recorder, piano, percussion


Papa and Me piano, 4 hands


Autumn soprano, piano

Inner Equinox piano


Keep It Real mezzo soprano, piano, drums

Radiant Spirit soprano, piano

Wizard of Ideas soprano, piano, drums


From My Childhood piano, 4 hands

Sacred Circles violin, viola, cello

The Cornerstone (text by Diane Harrison) SATB, piano

You Are My Sunshine (J. Davis and C. Mitchell, arr.) piano


Evolution: Emergenc(y?)e soprano

Sie Spricht (text by Heinrich Heine) soprano, piano


Autumn Equinox soprano, piano

A Couple Speaks bassoon, viola

The Experience / The Memory 2 violas

Josefin's Waltz (Roger Tallworth, arr.) piano

Muppets Theme (Jim Henson and Sam Pottie, arr.) bassoon, 3 violas

Ocean Spirit SSA, piano

Scenes from Childhood bassoon, 3 violas, cello

Three Gestures string quintet

Waltz With Me piano


Hopping into Sunlight piano

Inside, Unfolding string quartet

Plasticlopus chamber opera for 7 vocalists with violin, clarinet, piano, bass, percussion

Sheva Brachot (Seventh Blessing) mezzo soprano, clarinet, piano, percussion

Wake or Sleep bayan


Are You My Mother? electronic

Breathing piano, 4 hands

Can You Hear Me Now? SATB, piano

Der Scheindene Sommer bari-tenor, piano

Digestion string ensemble

Etude piano

Insegna quai donne si deunon'e leggere per prenderle per moglie soprano, baritone, piano

In Time string quartet

Into Spring bagpipes, violin, percussion

Moon Song SSAATB

On S'Embrasse short film score, jazz ensemble

Parting piano

Phantom of the Opera short film score, chamber orchestra

Sail Into Tomorrow (John Farrar, arr.) soprano, piano

Siena short film score, piano

String Quartet No. 1 string quartet


Gift mezzo soprano, piano

Isaiah 40:31 They Who Wait (melody by Rev. Elizabeth Alcaide) mezzo soprano, piano

Taking You With Me mezzo soprano, piano

Thirty-Nine Measure Birthday Rag piano

Watershed (Indigo Girls, arr.) SSA, piano

Who Knows Where the Time Goes (Sandy Denny, arr.) SSA, piano

Winds Flurry flute, clarinet, percussion


Ein Fichtenbaum baritone, piano

Elephant Steps vocals, piano, guitar, banjo, percussion

In Heavenly Love Abiding (poem by Anna L. Waring arr. traditional Finnish melody) mezzo soprano, piano

Love High mezzo soprano, piano

The Valley is a Vortex mezzo soprano, piano

Wedding Song (poem by Carol Edelstein) soprano, baritone, violin, cello, percussion


Blackbird (Lennon/McCartney, arr.) piano

Golden Slumbers (Lennon/McCartney, arr.) SSA, piano

It Was Worth It mezzo soprano, piano

Jingle Bells (Pierpont arr.) piano

Seegespenst (text by Heinrich Heine) tenor, violin, cello, piano

The Story of Alexa mezzo soprano, piano

This Moment, and Waiting piano

When All Hearts Are One(text by Rev. William Sloane Coffin) soprano, SATB, piano, cello, percussion


Om Namah Shivaya alto, piano


Journey of Love mezzo soprano, piano

i thank You God for most this amazing** (text by E.E. Cummings) mezzo soprano, piano

Wood Thrush piano


Beacon Hill Nursery School soprano, piano

Isabelle soprano, piano


Music Master (poem by Rumi) high voice, piano

Out Beyond Ideas (poem by Rumi) high voice, piano


Don't Try So Hard (poem by Stephen Philbrick) tenor, piano

In the Celestial Lake (poem by Kabir) SATB, piano

June 1954 (poem by Mary-Beth O'Shea-Noonan) high voice, piano


I Saw in Louisiana a Live Oak Growing (poem by Walt Whitman) high voice, piano

O Dear Friend (poem by Kabir) SATB

Waiting for the Warden (poem by Stephen Sandy) tenor, piano
What Are Big Girls Made Of? (poem by Marge Piercy) soprano, piano


I Want to Be Your Friend (ancient Chinese poem) high voice, piano

My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose (poem by Robert Burns, arr. folk melody) voice, piano

* Excerpts from "When All Hearts Are One" from CREDO by William Sloane Coffin ©2004. Used by permission of Westminster John Knox Press.

**"i thank You God for most this amazing" from COMPLETE POEMS: 1904-1962 by E.E. Cummings, Edited by George J. Firmage, is used with the permission of Liveright Publishing ©1950, 1978, 1991 by the Trustees for the E.E. Cummings Trust. ©1979 by George James Firmage.

† "June 1952" used by permission of Mary-Beth O'Shea-Noonan HUNGRY GRASS by Mary-Beth O'Shea-Noonan, ©1998 Amherst Artists and Writers Press

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